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Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning For Your Alva Home

Mildew, hard water, and stains can make your windows hard to see through. Our reverse osmosis window cleaning process will help you remove these stains, offering you a beautiful, clear view once again.


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Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning Service Areas

We provide window washing services to the following southwest Florida areas:

Lee County (Fort Myers, Lehigh, Estero, Cape Coral, Pine Island, Sanibel), Collier County (Naples, Bonita, Marco Island, Ava Maria), and Charlotte County (Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Rotunda West).

Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning Offers the Next Level of Cleaning for Your Windows!

Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning For Your Florida Home
Why window cleaners use Reverse Osmosis water...

For our window cleaners, RO-water has multiple advantages that ease and speed up the work when compared to using ‘normal’ water.

The most important advantage is that RO-water is residue-free, meaning that the surface dries spot-free and no squeegee or sponge is needed. This saves valuable time for our reverse osmosis window cleaners, as they only have to brush the window with a water-fed pole and rinse it by pulling back the brush. Because less actions are needed, cleaning a window may be done up to 50% faster! Also, the surface stays clean for a longer period of time. Because our window washers work faster and the frequency of cleaning windows is lower when RO-water is used, the costs for window cleaning is reduced significantly!

Another advantage is that no chemicals or cleaning products are needed. The purer the water is, the more aggressive it gets. RO-water breaks the bond between the dirt and the window on ionic level, making it easy to rinse the dirt off, making this an environmental friendly way of cleaning as well.

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