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Pressure Washing Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should My Roof Be Cleaned?

This just depends. If you have a new a roof, you could need your first cleaning as early as  five years and as late as twelve years but on average eight years is when you should get your roof cleaned for the first time. After the first cleaning, we recommend getting it cleaned every 2.5 years, but this still depends on the type of roof you have. We would recommend enrolling in our roof maintenance program. Doing lighter cleanings more often increases the overall life of your roof.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

We are fully Licensed, Insured and Carry Workers Comp from the state on all of our employees.

Do You Need to Get Up on My Roof?

Yes. We walk on 95% of the roofs we clean  because we use about one-third of the chemical you would typically use if you are spraying from the ground or ladder. This means a lot less chemical to kill anything around your house such as plants, flowers, shrubs, bushes, or grass. 

What Water Pressure (PSI) DO You use?

It can range from garden hose pressure to 5000 psi, but on an average, is around 3600. We have full control using our dual lances and we can get close or further away from what we are cleaning.

Will The Water Pressure Remove Paint From My House?

All our pressure washers are adjustable. It can be gentle enough to clean a pet or set to strip paint. The pressure we use depends on the job type and we rarely use full pressure. The Chemicals we use do most of the work for us.

Do You Use Hot Water?

Yes. We have two heating units that heat the water up. Hot water is not required for residential jobs, but there are situations where it’s needed. There is an extra fee for hot water.

Should I fix My Roof Before Its Cleaned?

You should wait to fix your roof until it is cleaned. That way, the roofer can see the right color it is instead of guessing. If by chance any other tiles crack or break while cleaning they can be fixed as well.

Do We Need To Be Home While Work Is Performed?

No, I would say half our customers are not home. We ask that things are moved out of the way though.

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